HARMAN Optimizes Cloud Costs and Operations with CloudHealth

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Serving automakers, enterprises, and consumers worldwide, HARMAN is a global leader in connected audio and visual technologies. HARMAN’s connected car systems equip more than 50 million automobiles, and their software services power billions of secure, integrated mobile devices and systems.

HARMAN scales cloud operations

Since implementing a Cloud Center of Excellence and increasing cloud usage across the organization by 2,400x, the team at HARMAN recognized they needed a cloud management solution to continue to scale and optimize operations.

HARMAN leverages leading cloud providers AWS and Azure, but their native tools weren’t able to provide a holistic, centralized view into their multicloud environment. They looked to CloudHealth for an intuitive solution to unite their cloud footprint and provide the visibility, dashboards, and granular data the team needed—across governance, security, cost, and automation.

HARMAN optimizes operations with CloudHealth

Once we signed the contract… we were able to get the value from the product in no time.

Ashok Madhuranath
Senior Manager of Cloud Architecture and Operations, HARMAN

HARMAN quickly got up and running with CloudHealth and started to see the value right away, achieving 100% visibility into their cloud costs (having 10% visibility prior).

Additionally, HARMAN implemented a strategy of “self-service optimization,” where project owners can use CloudHealth to build customized dashboards without having to go to IT or open a service request. This empowers teams to quickly identify optimization opportunities and take action.

Altogether, with a 360-degree view into their cloud environment, along with CloudHealth’s rightsizing recommendations and other optimization features, HARMAN saves around $135K a month, which adds up to more than $1M a year.

In CloudHealth’s cloud management maturity model, HARMAN has quickly conquered the visibility and optimization phases. Moving forward, CloudHealth will continue to partner with HARMAN as they apply automation capabilities and integrate with business processes.

The [CloudHealth] team has pride in the product and features that the product offers and how it can make customers' lives better. They want customers to use the product and actually benefit from it, as well as helping them along the cloud journey.

Ashok Madhuranath
Senior Manager of Cloud Architecture and Operations, HARMAN

To learn more about HARMAN’s journey with CloudHealth read the full case study!

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