Growing In The Cloud With AllCloud

Megan Nixon
Cloud Tech Journalist
Jun. 20, 2019
2 minute read

AllCloud works to accelerate their customers' growth by helping to lead them through their cloud journey.

AllCloud is a global professional services company providing organizations with the tools for cloud enablement and transformation across the cloud stack - infrastructure, platform, and software-as-a-service. Read on below to hear how AllCloud partners with CloudHealth from Melissa Abecasis, Cloud Financial Analyst, AllCloud.

“In our experience customers grow in the cloud. Our goal is to help them grow in the cloud smartly,” Abecasis explains. With their managed service provider offerings, AllCloud uses the CloudHealth Platform to identify any underutilized resources and keep their customer’s growth aligned with their overall business strategy.

AllCloud leverages the CloudHealth platform for their Cloud Cost and Governance services as part of its managed service offering. The service is designed to help AWS customers manage, understand and optimize their spend. AllCloud’s dedicated Cloud Cost and Governance Operation specialists build a customer governance model to control and manage cloud spend, continuously evaluating customer spend and developing a strategy to eliminate under utilized resources, right size instances types and build budgets and alerts. 

Not only does AllCloud use the CloudHealth platform to identify already underutilized resources, but they’re also able to extract and analyze data to predict future costs before the end of the month. If projected costs seem too high, AllCloud will ask their customers if this spike was expected before the charge hits their bank accounts. Their partnership with us helps them become part of their customers' full cloud journey—in part because both companies believe that the customer's success is our success.

AllCloud's goal is to help its customers grow smartly in the cloud, that's why they chose to work with CloudHealth. Learn more about the solutions they're providing their customers by watching the video below.