Groupware Delivers Exceptional Customer Experiences with CloudHealth

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Groupware Technology is a leading IT solutions provider, specializing in infrastructure, cloud, data and AI, security, applications, rack integration services, and first call support. 

Groupware is committed to helping their world-class customers optimize, integrate, and automate their IT assets, as well as evaluate and implement robust new technologies and cloud-centric infrastructure models.

Optimizing cloud management for customers

About three years ago, Groupware extended their cloud billing services beyond just invoicing to include new cloud optimization services. Covering hybrid cloud and multicloud environments, Groupware now helps customers with cloud cost optimization, data management, performance improvements, cloud migrations, and end-to-end support.

Partnering with CloudHealth for exceptional customer experiences

Around the same time Groupware expanded their cloud service offerings, they started to partner with CloudHealth to help meet customer needs.

Groupware chose CloudHealth for two primary reasons: 1) ensure customers have proper visibility into their cloud spend in order to identify optimization opportunities and 2) to accommodate the complicated invoicing processes they execute with their customers.

At the partner level, CloudHealth is invaluable. It pays for itself multiple times over—we couldn’t physically do our job without the product.

John McGivern
Senior Director of Cloud Optimization Services

Various aspects of the CloudHealth platform enable Groupware to deliver exceptional services for their customers:

  • Dashboards and reporting: CloudHealth dashboards allow Groupware to quickly and efficiently gather customer information to provide meaningful customer updates on a regular basis.
  • Governance policies: Groupware standardizes CloudHealth’s governance policies across their customer base. The ability to receive alerts when anomalies are detected is particularly valuable for keeping teams accountable and avoiding surprises.
  • AWS Savings Plans recommendation engine: Groupware uses CloudHealth’s AWS Savings Plans recommendation engine to see KPI-based scenario modeling and deliver significant cost savings for their customers.

The AWS Savings Plans recommendation engine in CloudHealth is truly a game-changer.

John McGivern
Senior Director of Cloud Optimization Services

To learn more about how Groupware leverages CloudHealth to help customers optimize their cloud environments, see the complete case study. 

Partners seeking guidance on how to build CloudHealth into your service offerings, please contact your Channel Account Manager or email

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