Power Of The Platform: GCP In CloudHealth

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In today’s world—where there are many different cloud service providers to choose from— it’s important to pick a provider that best integrates and aligns with your company’s business objectives. Managing your cloud infrastructure is complex, and you’ll need a platform that can manage across public, private, and hybrid clouds in order to be successful. CloudHealth is a multicloud management platform that supports the leading cloud providers, including Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Learn how CloudHealth can help you effectively manage costs, forecast budgets, and increase resource utilization efficiency, in your GCP environment.  

Proper configuration is important for managing your GCP resources in CloudHealth: poor configuration can negatively affect platform functionality, how you view and analyze costs in the platform, and how recommendations operate. Follow some of these tips by clicking on the infographic below to avoid misconfiguration and ensure you’re using the platform effectively!


Emma Toole
Emma Toole, Cloud Tech Journalist

Emma Toole is the current Digital Content Marketing Co-op at CloudHealth and spends her time writing blogs about cloud industry news and best practices. Outside of CloudHealth, Emma is a student at Northeastern University pursuing a Business Administration degree with concentrations in Marketing and Supply Chain along with her minor in Sustainable Business Practices. In her free time, Emma enjoys creating videos with the only film club on campus, Northeastern Television (NUTV).

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