G2 Tech Group and CloudHealth Deliver Cost Savings to Peregrine Energy Group

Anna Kate Tobin
Senior Channel Marketing Manager
May 23, 2017
1 minute read

Peregrine Energy Group identified the need to integrate its AWS-hosted applications with the database server hosted in a third-party data center and selected G2 Tech Group, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, following an exhaustive search. One factor that distinguished G2 from competitors was its partnership with CloudHealth Technologies. G2’s consulting expertise works in tandem with CloudHealth’s integrated reporting, infrastructure configuration recommendations, and active policy management to control costs and optimize the performance of Peregrine’s cloud architecture. The partnership also enables Peregrine to forego the cost of hiring an internal systems administrator, receive expert advice for implementing cloud best practices, and provision the exact amount of compute resources needed.

“With G2 managing our cloud environment, we have more confidence that our architecture is configured correctly, such as security groups being set up and managed properly. G2 also advises us on the best practices for how systems should run in AWS—we usually find out what we need to know in 10 minutes rather than spending hours researching best practices on our own.”

— SAM GECHTER, Vice President, Product Management and Operations

To learn more about how G2 and CloudHealth helped Peregrine optimize application performance, read the complete case study on the G2 website.