Elastera Rightsizes The Cloud With CloudHealth Tech and Datadog

Rachel Dines
Sr. Director of Product Marketing


Meet Elastera. They provide managed cloud hosting environments for eCommerce sites. With a small team, they are able to punch far above their weight class when it comes to business impact with their large clients. How? By using the cloud for faster time to market and innovation:

The pace of change in the cloud is prolific, that is both an enabler and a tax. It’s great that the flexibility and the agility of the cloud lets me experiment day to day with almost no cost at all, but keeping up with the changes is a bit of a challenge.

- Zachary Stevens, Co-Founder & Chief Architect, Elastera

Datadog CHT thumb

By connecting cloud metrics to costs, the CloudHealth and Datadog allow customers to manage cloud assets in a more strategic and holistic fashion.

For companies like Elastera, however, using tools to help manage the governance and performance of their growing cloud environments is key to cloud success. These tools give them the ability to bring together granular performance data, end to end visibility, and powerful analytics across their cloud environments. It enables them to always make the best decisions when it comes to provisioning and rightsizing in the cloud.

Which is why we’re very excited to announce that CloudHealth is now integrated with cloud performance monitoring tool, Datadog! This is the latest addition to the rapidly growing CloudHealth Connect ecosystem. Together, Datadog and CloudHealth bring you complete visibility across every dimension of your cloud environment.

Many of our customers are now taking advantage of enhanced rightsizing using the CloudHealth and Datadog integration, including Elastera:

We use CloudHealth and Datadog to get accurate rightsizing recommendations for our AWS EC2 and EBS instances. CloudHealth takes information collected from Datadog and connects the metrics to the money -- it shows us if an instance is under-utilized and how much we could save by making a change. Using this powerful set of data analytics, we are able to downgrade over-provisioned assets, saving us time and money.

- Zachary Stevens, Co-Founder & Chief Architect, Elastera

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