Drive Efficiency, Accountability, And Cost Savings With CloudHealth And Wavefront

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Today, I am happy to announce the General Availability of CloudHealth’s integration with Wavefront. We at CloudHealth have been simplifying cloud monitoring, governance, and management for our customers. To take this one step further, through this integration we will provide the insight you need to make well-informed decisions as you scale in the cloud.

Wavefront is cloud-native monitoring and analytics platform that is specifically designed to handle high scale velocity and dynamism of modern cloud applications. DevOps and developers’ teams at enterprises such as Box, Reddit, and 8x8 use Wavefront’s powerful analytics, query-driven alerts, and interactive visualizations to gain instant visibility into the performance of their highly distributed services on the public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures. With Wavefront they can troubleshoot faster, proactively alert and optimize their service performance.

One customer who already reaps benefits of using CloudHealth and WaveFront together is Intuit. At the CloudHealth’s user conference in 2018 Dieter Matzion, Staff Business Systems Analyst at Intuit mentioned the benefits from both the platforms. While talking about CloudHealth he emphatically mentioned “Things earlier were done manually; they were error prone and time consuming. Collecting data across business units was a big concern. CloudHealth gave us a common denominator to talk to different business units. It saved us millions of dollars. CloudHealth is very intuitive and does not need significant ramp time.” He added that “CloudHealth helps automate the weekly Reserved Instance (RI) purchase process completely.”

Intuit uses the asset inventory information from CloudHealth and pushes it into Wavefront dashboards for additional analysis and reporting. Through the time telemetry in Wavefront, Dieter can drive more efficiency while saving costs. He mentioned “I can easily identify which Elastic Load Balancers in a business unit do not have an AWS EC2 instance attached. This is just money on the table that we can easily save.” He loves using Wavefront to drive more accountability and transparency within the IT environment.

Together CloudHealth and Wavefront can provide benefits like:

Rightsizing analysis

In many large cloud environments, its common to find severely underutilized infrastructure that is driving up costs. Using CloudHealth and Wavefront together can help solve this by using   the Wavefront platform to collect granular performance data from the application, CPU, memory, network, and disk usage from instances and virtual machines on AWS, Azure, and GCP. This tag enriched data is then ingested and used by CloudHealth to do a rightsizing analysis, providing specific recommendations around downsizing, or even terminating instances, including the suggested instance type for your service optimal performance. By executing these rightsizing recommendations, such as downsizing an instance that is underutilized - you can save time and money without interruption to the service.

Visualization of key assets through a business lens

Together, CloudHealth and Wavefront give you real-time visibility into performance of your service and enable you to zero-in on the cloud data you care about by department, application, line of business, or any logical business grouping. It also helps you do rightsizing analysis by function, so you can quickly find which departments or teams need to adjust their behavior when provisioning new infrastructure.

Balance cost with performance

Not only can CloudHealth help identify assets that are underutilized and can be downsized for cost savings, but it can also help with tracking and managing spend in the cloud. You can allocate and amortize costs, and forecast spend across departments and teams.

Data and analysis from CloudHealth can be extended further into Wavefront platform and correlated with application and infrastructure performance. Thus, DevOps teams can optimize cloud service performance and set real-time, proactive alerts for configuration changes and cost overruns.

Together, CloudHealth and Wavefront, enable you to easily improve efficiency and reduce cost without sacrificing productivity or performance.

Nilesh Deo, Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager

Nilesh Deo is a member of the CloudHealth Marketing team and focuses on enabling customers to be successful in the cloud by providing insights into cloud management best practices, building a mature cloud strategy, and ensuring customers are utilizing the CloudPlatform in the best way possible.

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