The 2021 CloudLIVE Solution Provider Summit: Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss

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In a previous article, we announced the launch of our first-ever global partner cloud management event—The 2021 CloudLIVE Solution Provider Summit—taking place online around the world on January 13, 2021. Designed to educate, inspire, and enable the global channel community, the agenda is packed with keynotes, breakout sessions, case studies, training courses, and collaboration opportunities.

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CloudLIVE Solution Provider Virtual Summit

By participating in the 2021 CloudLIVE Solution Provider Summit, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from your peers, cloud industry leaders, and technical experts on a range of topics dedicated to equipping and empowering the channel community. In this article, we highlight some of the sessions you don’t want to miss.

Sessions you don’t want to miss

How to create customers for life and the CloudHealth Partner of the Year Awards

Accelerated by increased cloud adoption, the channel industry has matured greatly over the last several years. But we're at a turning point. Partners must transform into cloud-driven organizations. They must adapt to take advantage of demographic and technology shifts, new margin opportunities, and broadening ecosystems, all while at scale. 

Sandy Hogan, Sr. Vice President, Worldwide Commercial and Partner Sales at VMware, and Bob Kilbride, Head of Global Channel Sales at CloudHealth by VMware kick off the cloud event of the year for the channel community by:

  • Providing expert guidance on how to create customers for life
  • Sharing best practices for channel partners to win in a SaaS world
  • Announcing this year’s leading cloud partners in our annual CloudHealth Partner of the Year Awards (see last year’s winners here)

Become a best-in-class cloud Managed Service Provider

As cloud usage grows and environments become increasingly complex, keeping pace with the rate of change in the market can often seem impossible. Cloud customers look to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to ease this burden and play a critical role in helping properly manage and scale their cloud programs.

Joe Kinsella, VP and CTO of CloudHealth by VMware leads this keynote session focused on how to become a best-in-class cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP) in the age of digital transformation. He’ll focus on best practices to help cloud customers establish a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE), stay ahead of cloud security risks, maintain efficient operations, and optimize cloud spend.

The FinOps Foundation shares best practices in cloud financial management

The public cloud promises your customers empowerment, speed, and agility. However, without discipline, costs can quickly get out of control. 

In this session, Joe Henderson, Partner Program Manager at the FinOps Foundation, will lay out how you can help your customers:

  • Understand the financial risks and implications of their decisions in the public cloud
  • Create a culture of accountability around cloud costs
  • Coordinate an internal FinOps practice

This session will share the resources, tools, and partnerships needed to educate and enable your customers for success in the cloud, with real-world examples of cost savings and efficiency achieved.

AWS offers guidance for undergoing the AWS MSP Audit

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) MSP Partner Program recognizes partners who embrace the concept of the next-generation MSP and gives customers confidence in the MSP they choose.

A core component of this third-party validation process is a scoring system based on an MSP’s ability to demonstrate capabilities for mandatory requirements.

In this session at the upcoming CloudLIVE Solution Provider Summit, Barbara Kessler, Global Partner Programs Leader, and Amber Gregorio, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, CloudHealth by VMware, will provide guidance to help you close the gap in passing the AWS MSP Audit.

Pro tip: You can download our AWS MSP Partner Validation Kit, detailing each requirement on the AWS MSP Program Validation Checklist that CloudHealth helps you meet.

How to leverage a data-driven approach to drive customer success

The fundamental goal of customer success is to improve adoption, retention, and expansion by ensuring customers are healthy (i.e. happy, growing, and successful). Leading outcome-focused customer success organizations leverage data to make decisions, predict customer behavior, and optimize their customer journeys.

In this session, learn from leaders at Gainsight and the CloudHealth Customer Success team on how to leverage data analytics to drive customer success.

Groupware Technology shares how to grow your business with professional services

Professional services enable partners to deliver increasing value at each stage of the cloud adoption journey. Bringing a partner cloud management expert into a customer’s extended cloud management team can help jumpstart their cloud initiatives over a fixed period of time or provide strategic direction and expert services over the long-term.

In this session, Casey Helton, Sr. Professional Services Consultant at CloudHealth by VMware and John McGivern, Sr. Director, Cloud Optimization Services, at Groupware Technology share:

  • The value of professional services for your customers’ success in the cloud
  • How to capitalize on high-quality professional services for additional cloud service revenue opportunities
  • Best practices for packaging and delivering key services

See how Groupware Technology delivers exceptional customer experiences with CloudHealth in our article here.

Expand your service portfolio with Google Cloud Platform Cost Management

While most cloud customers adopt cloud services for the infrastructure and agility benefits, many fall short of leveraging the cloud as a competitive advantage because of poor cost management. 

Google Cloud’s cost management tools help customers gain visibility, drive accountability, control costs with governance policies and permissions, and optimize cloud costs and usage with intelligent recommendations. In this session, cloud cost management experts at Google Cloud and CloudHealth share:

  • How partners and customers benefit from GCP’s Cost Management solutions
  • How GCP and CloudHealth work together to continuously improve cost optimization features
  • New CloudHealth features and upcoming GCP capabilities focused on financial management
Solution Brief
Simplify Your Google Cloud Platform with Complete Transparency

This is just a sneak peek into some of the sessions offered during the 2021 CloudLIVE Solution Provider Summit. Stay tuned for future updates and more session information on the CloudHealth blog.

And if you’re not registered yet, make sure you sign up today! Online and at no cost to you, the 2021 CloudLIVE Solution Provider Summit is the place to be for solution providers looking for the tools, resources, and training to succeed in the age of digital transformation.

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