CloudHealth By VMware Named One Of The Best Places To Work

Published: January 20, 2020
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CloudHealth by VMware is incredibly proud to be named one the Best Places to Work as well as Company with the Best Benefits by Built In on the heels of our first incredibly successful year as part of VMware.  Our mission to accelerate business transformation in the cloud hasn’t changed – but as part of VMware, our reach has expanded astronomically, and we have more resources at our disposal than ever before.  

CloudHealth has been consistently recognized as a Best Place to Work over the past 5 years as the result of our commitment to providing an incredible employee experience rooted in transparency, cross-collaboration, and growthOur employees are still just as passionate about scaling our business andinnovating along the way as they were in the early days of the company.  As a bonus - perks like beer, cold-brew and kombucha on tap coupled with an incredible variety of snacks, treats, and employee events are still a great addition.   

As part oVMware, our benefits programs have expanded dramatically – and we’ve also been able to deepen our focus on diversity and inclusion, community engagement, and employee wellness. The variety of benefit options available to every employee offer a lot to choose from, but everyone has their favorites!  

Here’s what CloudHealth by VMware employees had to say about their favorite benefits:  

  • Gaby Veloz – Account Executive: Having 4 months of Maternity Leave gave me the opportunity to enjoy my baby and create a deeper bond with him, which I will forever be grateful for. The support of my coworkers also made a huge impact, as I was never worried about of the status of my job throughout that time.” 
  • Ennio Carboni – Director, Product Management: "Our 401K Match is one of the most generous I've seen in the industry. With a 6% match up to $9,000/year, it’s an incredible addition to our overall compensation and I'm grateful to have it." 
  • Nathalie Wang – Software Engineer: The ability to volunteer during my work hours, as well as have my company match my contributions dollar for dollar (and give grants to whatever group I want after a certain amount of volunteer time/funds!) has been such a differentiator. To me, it means that our actions reflect our words and values; it helps me feel more connected with my local community, provides great opportunities for team building and personal growth, and helps me feel work is genuinely invested in me and the world. Being able to give back in a meaningful way and be fully supported in doing so helps CloudHealth feel like the best place to work in Boston.” 
  • Anton Gurov – Senior Manager, Technical Operations: “VMware’s Employee Stock Purchase Program (ESPP) is a great way to participate in and benefit from our company’s success with a guaranteed minimum 15% profit on your investment. No other bank or investment can promise this!” 

The benefits and perks are fantastic, but what our employees really value is what they have been able to achieve as part of their journey with us.  To that end, our leadership team is committed to ensuring the ongoing development of our employee base through internal mobility and growth opportunities, along with our continued pride in adding the best incoming talent to our teams.    

Cheers to another incredible year as a Best Place to Work! 

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