CloudHealth Tech Culture – Our Code to Success

Dan Phillips
Co-founder & Chairman of the Board



How do you define your organization? Unfortunately, too many times organizations define themselves by their brand, their product and according to the markets they serve. They are able to consistently articulate these facts, but they miss the key component and unique differentiator for what truly makes a company tick – culture.

Organizations that define their purpose with culture as the central focus have the ability to integrate core business strategies with a sense of ownership and empowerment across the organization. This type of culture helps to define the motivations of a workforce that results in an environment where people are eager to go to work every day. This is particularly important in a start-up environment where the hours are long and having maniacal focus is mandatory. The core of the CloudHealth Tech culture is the principles our company is framed around and the strong foundation that defines and motivates us.


Culture Principles


Guiding and coaching to develop new skills and career growth. We have an executive management team and core engineering team who has spent the last 20 years in IT management and the last 10 years in cloud management. We have multiple IPO’s and strategic acquisitions between us. Our employees are here because they want to participate and learn how to iteratively grow a successful startup. They want to build their networks and build a career in the Boston based venture capital backed startup ecosystem. And they want to establish themselves in the cloud management market and participate in its’ innovative and exponential growth over the next decade.


Iterative, adaptive and responsive processes to drive business value. Our entire company is built around the agile process. Software development releases new features to our customers every week. Documentation, videos, and training modules are created each week. Marketing content and customer communications are executed weekly. Support, customer success teams, and sales organizations are trained and every feature and process is driven by our customer needs. Our employees are here to learn, participate and drive the agile process and to deliver ongoing value for our customers.


Responsibility and maniacal focus that says, “This is not a job. This is our passion. This is what we do for fun.” It’s incredibly challenging and requires a deeper level commitment for a longer period of time than anyone new to successful start-ups can imagine. There are personalities who thrive on ownership. They want to have the autonomy and freedom to be able to create, build and grow an idea from their own vision. If you take someone like this and micro-manage them you can significantly impact the creativity and innovation a team will deliver. However, if you foster an environment of ownership that gives them responsibility for solving problems and innovating new solutions, your payback is breakthrough achievements and productivity gains that exceed all expectations.



Collaboration, communication and projecting success. In order to be successful the entire organization needs to be in sync - product management, engineering, marketing, sales, finance, customer support, and operations. This cannot happen without constant communication, collaboration and active participation among all stakeholders. And, at CloudHealth Tech, everyone in the company is a stakeholder. Our employees want to participate. They want to be involved. They want to be heard and they are looking to make an impact that furthers our success. Everything we do demands participation, from mentorship to executing our agile business model. CloudHealth Tech is a place where employees come to get involved.


Total view into what we’re doing, how we’re doing and why we’re doing it. If you want employees to fully participate and take ownership you need to give them all the facts. And if you want to mentor them and give them the skills to participate at a senior level in successfully launching their own start up some day, you need to give them all the facts. What’s the company goal, the forecast, the revenue, and the pipeline. What are the wins? What are the losses? What’s the product roadmap and what are the sprint results? What are the customer requirements? What are the customer issues? If they have all the facts, they can make the best decisions.


Why we are here. Our success is based on our ability to build a business that provides value to our customers and better than anyone else.We want to understand our customers’ challenges and how we can help. All of our employees want to interact with our customers, know what they need and seek their feedback and direction. Our employees get to witness firsthand how listening to your customers and the market can iteratively shape and steer your product and business model and take you down successful paths never imagined.

Final Thoughts

Culture is not one size fits all. In fact, well-defined cultures fill the needs of a unique organization and select sets of individuals. The value a culture provides needs to be clear and consistent. If you can do this you’ll gain a powerhouse of employee ownership and can recruit a workforce with motivations directly in sync with the culture. Ultimately, this is more powerful to your company’s success than your brand, the product you choose to build or market you choose to attack.

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"Organizations that define their purpose with culture as the central focus have the ability to integrate core business strategies with a sense of ownership and empowerment across the organization."