CloudHealth named a Leader in Multicloud FinOps Platforms

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This week ISG released the ISG Provider Lens Global 2021: Public Cloud – Services and Solutions, Multicloud FinOps Platforms. This is a new report created by ISG to help buyers evaluate vendors in the FinOps space. In this report, ISG highlights thirteen vendors, and of those vendors, we’re excited to share that CloudHealth was named a leader!

Compared to the other offerings, CloudHealth was the furthest to the right on the quadrant for competitive strength. 

ISG Provider Lens Quadrant for Public Cloud Services and Sloutions Multicloud FinOps Platforms

Analyst Report
ISG Provider Lens™ Global 2021: Public Cloud – Services and Solutions, Multicloud FinOps Platforms

VMware’s CloudHealth solution leads the FinOps market. The platform connects and aggregates data across on-premises, public and hybrid clouds, as well as containerized environments and becomes a single source of truth for multicloud cost management.

Shashank Rajmane
Senior Lead Analyst,  ISG Provider Lens Global 2021: Public Cloud – Services and Solutions, Multicloud FinOps Platforms

Three other vendors were selected as leaders, three as product challengers, one as a rising star, and five as contenders. To be included in the evaluation, vendors needed to meet the following criteria: 

  • Reporting and optimization that can be tailored to the needs of various personas (finance, IT, and business unit), based on the same sources of data, and through a single console
  • Interface with multicloud service providers and other tools to collaborate and combine data via APIs 
  • Search and identify irregularities, and remove under-utilized services
  • Allocate shared costs for shared resources, functions, or services and track them to create business case with deep financial nuances
  • Forecast to better plan cloud expenditures, with the ability to conduct cost-trend and benchmarking analyses
  • Centralized commitment-based cloud infrastructure buying process, along with transparency in reporting and optimizing these costs
  • FinOps capabilities to support multicloud environments
  • Accreditation by FinOps Foundation 

Organizations worldwide are in need of cloud financial management solutions to manage cloud costs and usage across multiple public clouds. Download your copy of the report today!

Marie Burke
Marie Burke, Director of Product Marketing

Marie Burke is the Director of Product Marketing for CloudHealth. She enjoys connecting with customers and partners to better understand their use cases and solve their multi-cloud management challenges. Over the past four years, she has collaborated with product, sales, customer success, and marketing teams to drive the adoption of CloudHealth. Prior to VMware, Marie was a product marketer at NetApp, focused on the OnCommand Management Suite and AltaVault (Cloud Backup) product.

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