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VMworld 2019: Introducing CloudHealth Hybrid by VMware

George Hamilton
Sr. Product Line Marketing Manager
Aug. 26, 2019
4 minute read

It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since VMware announced the acquisition of CloudHealth Technologies. Since the acquisition by VMware, CloudHealth has increased its public cloud spending under management by 78% and grown the customer base by 29%. CloudHealth now has more than 7,000 customers and more than 180 partners across the globe and manages $8.8 Billion in public cloud spending. And we’re just scratching the surface of the opportunity in multicloud management. 

Now the CloudHealth team is attending its first VMworld as CloudHealth By VMware and one of the things we're most excited to talk about is the introduction of CloudHealth Hybrid. Available by the end of Q3, CloudHealth Hybrid will bring together the functionality of CloudHealth Data Center and the functionality of VMware vRealize Business for Cloud (vRBC) and Cost Insight into a single standalone SaaS offering. CloudHealth Hybrid will provide a single platform with visibility into cost, usage, and performance of all hybrid cloud resources. With CloudHealth, organizations will be able to quickly identify optimization opportunities, align cost and usage by business unit for showback, and plan successful migrations. 

The starting point for the journey to multicloud can originate in the enterprise data center/hybrid cloud or from the public cloud. Whether an enterprise is looking to expand its hybrid cloud to public or vice versa, vRealize Cloud Management and CloudHealth are complementary management solutions. vRealize offers operational efficiency and automation and CloudHealth brings collaboration, governance, and optimization.  

The CloudHealth Data Center module is an add-on module for our public cloud customers and partners that provided general cost and usage data for their VMware vSphere infrastructure and migration assessments from their data center to a public cloud. CloudHealth Hybrid will build on that foundation and offer important new capabilities for multicloud and hybrid cloud environments:  

  • Detailed cost benchmarks and drivers - CloudHealth Hybrid will include advanced cost benchmarks and drivers which customers can use for visibility into all the cost and usage data for their hybrid cloud resources and provide showback to LOBs. To do this, CloudHealth captures and updates data on over 10,000 server configurations across multiple vendors and catalogs approximately 7 years of server data. These benchmarks include more than 600 customer reference data points. 
  • VMware Cloud on AWS support – Just as CloudHealth provides cost optimization and governance for public clouds, CloudHealth Hybrid will offer the same capabilities for vSphere and VMware Cloud on AWS environments.  
  • Migration assessment - Customers will be able to plan migrations to different public clouds based on actual costs, including the costs of different Availability Zones, while optimizing their use of Reserved Instances. 
  • Policies and governance – Cloud management professionals will be able to define policies for cloud resource usage and trigger notifications for violations. As an example, you can configure policies and rules to execute workflows based on guidelines you define; start, stop, terminate, or reboot instances. 

The primary use cases for CloudHealth Hybrid will center on optimization, migration assessment, and governance. First, CloudHealth Hybrid will provide visibility across all your cloud costs. With that information, you can identify and eliminate wasted spend and bring accountability with showback for LOBs. Secondly, for customers that want to make the transition to public cloud but have a substantial data center environment, CloudHealth provides a single platform for comparing multiple clouds to make better migration decisions and for rightsizing environments.  Lastly, CloudHealth Hybrid will let you create policies to ensure proper usage and to trigger notifications and actions. As a result, CloudHealth gives users the flexibility they need while restricting access where necessary to prevent misconfigurations and security vulnerabilities.  

The introduction of CloudHealth Hybrid shows the commitment of VMware to accelerating and optimizing our customers’ journey to multicloud and hybrid cloud. It’s been an exciting 12 months and we’re just getting started. 

To learn more about CloudHealth Hybrid, click here. Also, read more about hybrid cloud in our ebook "The Enterprise Guide To Hybrid Cloud".