ClickSoftware Increases Cloud Visibility To Maintain Business Momentum

Jackson Lucas
Cloud Tech Journalist
Dec. 27, 2018
2 minute read

ClickSoftware (“Click”), a leading provider of workforce management solutions, empowers mobile workers across the world through technology innovation. The company’s field service management offerings are trusted by more enterprises than any other mobile workforce management solution on the market, which eventually lead to their decision to migrate business operations to the cloud.

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To do this effectively, Click needed a cloud management platform they could trust to help tackle their cloud challenges while maintaining business momentum. Here’s a sneak peek of how they got it done…

Click decided to expand their product portfolio to broaden their customer base, a move that required a transition to AWS public cloud in order to successfully accommodate their new services.

The challenge? Click needed greater visibility into their AWS environment and a better way to manage costs. It wasn’t easy, but by leveraging the CloudHealth Platform, Click was able to regain control.

Click began to see the benefits of CloudHealth even during the Proof of Concept phase, something that immediately got the team excited about the platform’s potential capabilities. Even though their initial priority was to increase visibility into their AWS environment, Click soon realized they could also take advantage of the platform’s cost governance and automation capabilities.

"Through CloudHealth’s intuitive interface, we are able to easily view all AWS assets, while putting policies and alerts in place that have been able to deliver immediate benefits beyond cost savings.” —Eran Sharon, Cloud Services Program Manager at ClickSoftware

CloudHealth has helped Click measure and manage data more effectively through easy-to-consume data insights and reports. Customized dashboards have also unveiled assets the company previously couldn’t see, such as utilization measures and daily instance usage, allowing them to finally see their entire AWS environment and ensure everything is accounted for.

The best part of all this? Click hasn’t even taken full advantage of all the CloudHealth Platform features yet, so there are even more benefits on the horizon.