channel 4

How Channel 4 Scaled On AWS

Jackson Lucas
Cloud Tech Journalist
Nov. 19, 2019
2 minute read

Channel 4 Television Corporation is one of the UK’s largest broadcasters and has been a pioneering force in British television since its launch in 1982. To support network expansion, Channel 4 runs their infrastructure across multiple on-premises and Amazon Web Services (AWS) locations. Managing a cloud estate this complex is challenging, which is why Channel 4  enlists the Piksel Group—a trusted technology partner of many years—to help improve their cloud efficiency and instill best practices across the organization. 

In order for Channel 4 and Piksel to be successful, they needed a cloud management solution that would enable them to gain visibility across all of Channel 4’s cloud environments, help manage costs, and maintain cloud hygiene and compliance through governance.  

The Piksel Group implemented its Cloud Governance Service, key components of which are powered by CloudHealth, to help Channel 4 regain control over their AWS cloud environment. Now with access to detailed cost and usage reports, budget alerting, and Reserved Instance (RI) reporting and planning, Channel 4 is able to identify cost-saving opportunities and be more efficient in their resource and reservation spend. 

With help from Piksel and CloudHealth, Channel 4 has been able to gain more awareness around unused cloud services, helping to reduce waste. They’ve also unearthed previously unidentified security risks and mitigate them early in the service lifecycle. This visibility has helped Piksel identify and implement cloud best practices for Channel 4’s AWS user groups. As Channel 4 continues to scale and expand their cloud practices, instilling proper security and resource management across the organization is crucial for continued and future success.  

To learn more about Channel 4’s success with AWS, read the full case study.