The Challenges Of Cloud Visibility And How To Overcome Them

CloudHealth Tech Staff
Jan. 2, 2020
3 minute read

The challenges of cloud visibility are particularly critical in multicloud and hybrid cloud environments due to Cloud Service Providers’ tools only providing visibility of assets deployed on their own services. Yet visibility is the foundation of cloud governance, so how is it possible to overcome these challenges? 

Unapproved IT is one of many reasons businesses need visibility into cloud activities. Visibility is essential to control approved costs and prevent unapproved costs, optimize performance, and identify security threats. Many businesses also need to know data is being used and maintained in compliance with industry regulations. However, obtaining full visibility across a multicloud or hybrid cloud environment can prove challenging.

Why the challenges of cloud visibility exist

Most Cloud Service Providers offer tools that provide visibility into cloud activities, but each tool only provides visibility of assets deployed on the Cloud Service Provider’s platform. If a business uses two or more Cloud Service Providers, then it’s necessary to use two or more visibility tools—which may result in blind spots. Blind spots can prevent the identification of a number of issues, including:

  • Unapproved “shadow” IT 
  • Unused or underused resources
  • Inefficient application performance
  • Unchecked security threats and data breaches 
  • Non-compliance with industry regulations

Furthermore, some Cloud Service Providers’ tools have historically failed to provide sufficiently granular visibility required by businesses to make informed decisions relating to costs, performance, and security. This situation is slowly being addressed by Cloud Service Providers with the introduction of updated tools and services; but the challenges of cloud visibility still exist if your business operates in a multicloud or hybrid cloud environment.

How to overcome the challenges of cloud visibility

In order to overcome the challenges of cloud visibility in a multicloud or hybrid cloud environment, you need to forgo the tools offered by Cloud Service Providers and implement a cloud management platform that collects data from all services used by the business. This is the only way to ensure you have total visibility of cloud operations, and the holistic view required to make well-informed decisions.

A cloud management platform such as CloudHealth is an ideal solution to overcome the challenges of cloud visibility. CloudHealth not only collects and collates data, its “Perspectives” capability enables businesses to create unique business groups in order to view, analyze, and evaluate the cloud environment from different angles. Each business group (i.e. finance, engineering, operations, etc.) can define its own perspective to align cloud activity with the group’s business metrics.