Can You Find Success In The Cloud? We Asked An Expert

Jackson Lucas Cloud Tech Journalist
Published: February 05, 2020
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I recently had the privilege of sitting down with Stephanie Marcum, Technology and Cloud Strategist, to candidly discuss some of the greatest challenges organizations are facing today with cloud adoption. 

During our conversation, Stephanie broke down where, in her experience, organizations are likely to struggle on their cloud journey (hint—you better get comfortable with being uncomfortable, there’s a lot of new skills that need learning). 

Think poor visibility is the root of all your cloud challenges? Stephanie says while limited visibility is definitely a hurdle that you need to overcome, improving cross-departmental collaboration and ensuring you’re tracking the right KPIs should also be a top priority for organizations. 

Watch our full interview below to hear how you can achieve long-term cloud success.


About Stephanie Marcum

Stephanie recently led AWS’s global Cloud Economics team, a program that helps prospects and customers analyze benefits, build a business case for moving to AWS, and maximize value through AWS cost planning, management, and optimization. 

Prior to AWS, Stephanie was the Global Lead of VCE (Dell EMC)’s Global Pursuit Team, where she consulted with customers on enabling and justifying business initiatives through technology transformation enabled by converged and hyperconverged data center infrastructure, and the Global Lead for Dell EMC’s Customer Value Program in the Converged Platforms and Solutions division, assisting customers to forecast, drive, and realize outcomes.

Stephanie was a CPA for 25 years with public accounting and technology consulting experience at Ernst & Young and Deloitte. She was at Thomson Reuters in roles from CFO/VP Operations to VP-Technology Product Development and was a Director of Business Architecture and Executive Consulting at Oracle.

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Jackson Lucas, Cloud Tech Journalist

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