Operationalize AWS Savings Plans Management with CloudHealth

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Since AWS introduced Savings Plans in late 2019, CloudHealth has partnered closely with AWS and our customers to build the tools businesses need to best take advantage of this cost savings opportunity.

Our initial support capabilities for AWS Savings Plans included:

  • Cost History Reports: gives visibility into compute spending after upfront fees, recurring fees, and credits. Businesses can view these costs as they were incurred, or amortized over the life of the Savings Plan.
  • Usage Reports: reveals where Savings Plans are being applied in your cloud environment so you can perform showback and/or chargeback. Usage reports also indicate how much of your compute usage is covered by Savings Plans discounts, and which types (full, partial, no upfront).
  • Convertible Reservation Exchanger: enables businesses to squeeze all the juice out of their existing RI purchases before making commitments to new RIs and/or Savings Plans.
  • Strategic Savings Desk: a team of experts at CloudHealth ready to assist with all your questions about Savings Plans and discount management.

Since that time, CloudHealth has greatly expanded AWS Savings Plans capabilities, and today, we are proud to announce the General Availability (GA) of robust Savings Plans tools that drive better business outcomes throughout the entire lifecycle of Savings Plans management.

AWS Savings Plans Lifecycle with CloudHealth

With CloudHealth by VMware, customers can now:

1. Explore which Compute Savings Plan is right for your business

Currently, AWS offers six Compute Savings Plans purchase options (three payment terms: full, partial, or no upfront, and two commitment durations: one year or three years) and customers need to understand the trade-offs with each. In the CloudHealth platform, customers can:

  • compare the trade-offs of all six Compute Savings Plans options in one screen
  • set specific KPIs for savings, spend, or coverage, and see Recommendations that meet those requirements
  • include or remove usage covered by existing discounts in the analysis  
  • view a detailed breakdown of each Recommendation 
  • export the analysis into a CSV file for further evaluation
Recommendations and AWS Compute Savings Plans Options
Set KPI goals and see Compute Savings Plans Recommendations that meet those goals.
Comparison AWS Compute Savings Plans
Compare all six Compute Savings Plans options side-by-side.
AWS Savings Plans Recommendation Detail View
Click a Savings Plans Recommendation to see a detailed breakdown.

2. Purchase AWS Savings Plans directly from the CloudHealth platform

We’re making it even easier for businesses to execute their decisions. With this General Availability release, customers can now make Savings Plans purchases right from within the CloudHealth platform. No need to go to AWS.

Purchase AWS Savings Plans
​​​​Purchase Savings Plans right from the CloudHealth platform. 

3. Manage AWS Savings Plans with detailed reports

CloudHealth’s numerous cost, usage, and performance reports give businesses the ability to slice and dice all their data based on Perspectives – or groupings that make sense for their business.;

  • see which business unit, team, or project received the benefit of a Savings Plan
  • evaluate the impact of Savings Plans discounts on KPIs
  • manage Savings Plans allocation with showback and/or chargeback
  • plan and forecast for future Savings Plans purchases
Manage AWS Savings Plans Data
Slice and dice data to evaluate and manage AWS Savings Plans.

4. Report AWS Savings Plans to executives and key stakeholders

Easily share information that is relevant for key stakeholders with CloudHealth’s fully customizable dashboards and reporting subscriptions:

  • report results tailored to individual stakeholders
  • understand how Savings Plans impact business goals
  • build custom dashboards or use out-of-the-box solutions 
  • subscribe to regular updates to receive reports via email
AWS Savings Plans Dashboards
Customize reports and dashboards to view KPIs tailored to each stakeholder.

For all the information you need on AWS Savings Plans, download our free eBook: The Ultimate Guide to AWS Savings Plans.

Amber Gregorio, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Amber Gregorio is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at CloudHealth by VMware. She and her team own the development and implementation of the go-to-market strategy for the CloudHealth’s industry-leading multi- and hybrid cloud management software. Prior to joining CloudHealth, Amber worked in Product Marketing for an AI-powered customer engagement solution, and spent over 10 years in the financial services industry. Outside of work Amber enjoys weightlifting and competitive powerlifting.

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