AWS MSP Partner Validation Checklist: How to Ace Billing and Reporting

By Benjamin Topolski

Part one of this blog series addressed how the CloudHealth platform helps MSPs ace some security sections within the AWS MSP Partner Validation checklist. This second (and final) post in the series will focus on how partners can leverage CloudHealth’s billing and reporting functionality to meet additional requirements in the AWS MSP Partner Validation checklist.

AWS Billing and Cost Management

In section 5.8 of the latest AWS MSP Partner Validation Checklist, AWS requires a partner to exhibit the ability to collect, maintain, and report customer account details back to AWS.

CloudHealth has our channel partners covered. Through the platform, you are able to capture the required customer data in the CloudHealth partner portal; the information can be exported and shared with AWS to meet the mandatory reporting requirement. In addition to meeting this requirement, partners get bonus points for section 5.3, which is an optional requirement recommending that partners use a 3rd party solution for billing management and optimization.

Asset Management

CloudHealth also provides bonus points in section 9.12, which is an optional requirement suggesting that a partner have a solution to track and manage assets deployed in AWS.

When CloudHealth is linked to an end-customer account it will pull in all the assets associated with that account, including any associated tagging information, and provide cost and usage data across all those assets. CloudHealth’s flexibility also allows a partner to offer customized tagging of assets within the platform, to provide deeper insight across specific organizations while managing those assets and utilizing performance data for optimization recommendations.

Service Reporting

CloudHealth also provides bonus points for AWS MSP Partners in sections 12.3 and 12.6 under Service Reporting in the MSP Partner Validation Checklist.

Section 12.3 centers on harnessing performance data for assets under management across different time periods (daily, hourly, monthly). CloudHealth -- through our own agent or through 3rd party integrations with AWS Cloudwatch, Datadog and New Relic -- delivers detailed performance data across multiple asset types.

Section 12.6 is an optional requirement recommending customer reports be made accessible via the web or a web portal. CloudHealth provides multiple ways to share reports with the customer through direct access to the platform, subscribed reports, or exporting reports to be shared on a portal that the partner hosts.

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