AWS Governance and Compliance: Leveraging Policies and Automation

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Standardization is key to unlocking the value of the public cloud. While many organizations embrace the cloud for its accessibility and flexibility, the financial and security challenges that can arise when usage goes unchecked can ultimately end up slowing your teams down.

Effective policies empower developers to take advantage of the flexibility of the public cloud while ensuring usage aligns with the organization’s budgetary, security, and operational priorities.

Enforcing an effective governance policy, however, is often easier said than done. Your organization may agree that purchasing decisions need to align with budgets, and configurations need to adhere to compliance requirements, but how do you ensure that reality meets those expectations? Governing a complex and constantly changing cloud environment requires visibility to understand how resources are being used and automation to alert the right people when policy violations occur.

On Monday, October 26th, AWS will host a session of its ‘Howdy Partner’ series that will walk through what steps you need to take to create and enforce effective governance and compliance programs across your organization.

The session will cover:

  • How different AWS resources connect and interact
  • Best practices for tagging to improve visibility into usage, costs, and security
  • Automating governance actions to ensure usage aligns with policies
  • Leveraging APIs to enforce policies from within your CI/CD pipelines

You can register for the session here

And to learn more about how mature cloud strategies approach governance, check out our whitepaper: Building a Successful Cloud Operations and Governance Practice.

Colin Neagle
Colin Neagle, Marketing Manager

Colin spends his time coordinating digital campaigns to help connect the CloudHealth by VMware team with the broader cloud computing community. Prior to joining CloudHealth, he has held various roles in sustainability, technology media, and news media.

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