Webinar: Deep Dive with AWS on Cost Optimization and Cloud Financial Management

Colin Neagle Marketing Manager
Published: October 07, 2020
2 Min Read

As public cloud usage increases, many organizations find that their traditional financial processes for on-premises IT infrastructure are insufficient.

The nature of the public cloud, which enables anyone in the organization to access the infrastructure they need anytime they need it, makes it easy for these teams to spend large amounts of budget without financial oversight. The challenges can be as simple as allocating public cloud spend to the right cost centers, or as complex as understanding how cloud costs can impact product pricing and profitability.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has responded to these challenges with recent updates to the Cost Optimization pillar of the AWS Well-Architected Framework and continues to introduce new features to help customers adapt to the financial realities of the public cloud. However, taking advantage of these types of resources and implementing an effective cloud financial management practice requires cultural change.

The different teams within your organization need visibility to understand how cloud budget is spent, policies to prevent unnecessary costs, automation to enforce those policies, and KPIs to make sure it’s all working correctly. Most successful strategies have one thing in common—cross-functional communication and collaboration to ensure cloud financial management aligns with the organization’s top priorities.

On Wednesday, October 14th, AWS and CloudHealth by VMware will host a webinar that will explore the Cost Optimization pillar of the AWS Well-Architected Framework, the new AWS features to help customers optimize costs, and best practices in cloud financial management from among the CloudHealth community.

Join this session to learn more about what goes into an effective cloud financial management practice, including:

  • How to motivate the right people to prioritize shared goals around cloud costs
  • Who to bring to the table to effect cultural change
  • What you can do to drive the right outcomes in your cloud journey

Register today: Deep Dive with AWS: Optimizing Costs with Cloud Financial Management

Colin Neagle
Colin Neagle, Marketing Manager

Colin spends his time coordinating digital campaigns to help connect the CloudHealth by VMware team with the broader cloud computing community. Prior to joining CloudHealth, he has held various roles in sustainability, technology media, and news media.

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