Announcing The New CloudHealth Partner Program

Announcing The New CloudHealth Partner Program

Justin Bartinoski Director of Regional and Channel Marketing
Published: March 20, 2019
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CloudHealth by VMware is thrilled to announce today the next evolution of our program for those partners that are leveraging CloudHealth as the foundation of their cloud managed services offering. The CloudHealth Partner Program offers many benefits, including a new structure that will enable us to deliver even better services and go-to-market support to our partners who are driving growth and leadership in their respective markets.

CloudHealth partners are helping organizations manage the many complexities of multiple clouds at scale and enabling digital transformation worldwide. Our mission is to support them on this journey. To that end, participants in the CloudHealth Partner Program will receive a comprehensive set of benefits, including full support for onboarding, technical setup and review, service package design, training, sales enablement, and go-to-market support.

In 2018, CloudHeath doubled its partner network to over 150 MSPs—since then, the growth rate has only continued to pick up steam. We designed the new partner program based on the needs of this expanding base. Our partners continually ask us to provide a roadmap for success in the cloud and we believe this new program provides a clearly defined path for growth and investment. It offers several enhanced features and services, including:

  • Tailored experience through tiered program structure: The tiered structure—based on partner certification, revenue, growth and customer retention—will ensure partners receive personalized support based on their current priorities and maturation in delivering managed cloud services. CloudHealth will invest in premier and enterprise level partners with unique incentives and benefits to support continued growth.
  • Robust go-to-market support: Partners receive technical and sales training, certification and solutions to develop service offerings to support businesses as they manage complex, ever-changing cloud environments. Partners will have access to demand-generation campaigns to support their mutlicloud service offerings.
  • Greater integration with VMware: Following last year’s VMware acquisition, CloudHealth is now closely engaged with partners in the VMware Cloud Provider Program (VCCP). As a result, new opportunities will arise for existing CloudHealth partners to integrate additional VMware solutions seamlessly into the CloudHealth platform and vice versa. Also, for partners new to VMware or those that are part of both programs, the levels have the same names for consistency.
  • Transformative cloud management support: Underpinning the program is the CloudHealth Partner Platform: We continue to roll out new product updates to give partners greater control and insight. These added capabilities will focus—among other things—on the ability to seamlessly integrate back-office systems, optimize margins, leverage a rich library of pre-packaged services, and manage multicloud environments.

Partners are core to CloudHealth’s DNA and continue to be a strategic focus. As the market continues to transform, we are committed to keeping pace with their evolving needs. Partners today must contend with seismic shifts like the emergence of multicloud, which requires cloud service providers to deliver support that caters to true hybrid environments. With CloudHealth’s revamped partner program, we’re ensuring our most valued partners have the solutions, certifications and enhanced capabilities—including VMware feature sets—to serve as the foundation for cloud services at every stage of the digital transformation journey.

“The cloud industry continues to undergo a multitude of changes that require us to adapt and adopt new offerings quickly and seamlessly for our clients,” said Eric Hutts, Vice President, Hosting. “CloudHealth has remained a reliable partner—always on the forefront of these changes—and the next evolution of their partner program will only further support us as we deliver reliable and superior cloud services to organization’s competing in today’s rapid pace of business.”

CloudHealth offers MSPs the training/certification, service offerings and go-to-market support required to compete in today’s cloud-centric world.

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Justin Bartinoski , Director of Regional and Channel Marketing

Justin Bartinoski is a member of the CloudHealth Marketing team and focuses on enabling customers to be successful in the cloud by providing insights into cloud management best practices, building a mature cloud strategy, and ensuring customers are utilizing the CloudPlatform in the best way possible.

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