Adstream Optimizes Cloud Environment To Support Growing Client Portfolio

Jackson Lucas
Cloud Tech Journalist


Adstream offers media delivery, analytics, and digital asset management services to many of the world’s greatest media brands and agencies, including P&G and Samsung. Responsible for delivering incredible amounts of content to billions of users around the world, Adstream decided to move beyond the data center and into the cloud to more efficiently scale their operations and support their growing client portfolio.

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As Adstream began closing down their data centers and taking advantage of Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), they started to see their cloud spend increase. Here’s how they got their environment under control.  

optimize cloud environment

“With CloudHealth, we have been able to cut our spend by $700,000… and we’re on track to achieve a total annual savings of $850,000.”—Mark Crowley, Chief Architect, Adstream

On the recommendation of their AWS account manager, Adstream chose the CloudHealth platform for increased cloud visibility and rightsizing capabilities. Adstream began implementing a data tagging strategy to better understand what was happening in their AWS environment, an activity that revealed large amounts of untagged assets that needed to be categorized.

“As a rapidly growing company and significant AWS customer, we needed deep visibility into our environment and CloudHealth made that easy.” —Mark Crowley

Adstream has just scratched the surface with CloudHealth’s optimization capabilities and has already made plans to expand on their optimization efforts in the future.