Tech Gives Back - Fostering Innovation, Creativity, and Mentorship

Dan Phillips
Co-founder & Chairman of the Board
Sep. 19, 2014
2 minute read

The content in this blog is outdated and we cannot reliably say it is still accurate with the speed in which the cloud industry moves. But don’t worry—below are more recent, up-to-date blogs.


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Last week, a team from CloudHealth Technologies participated in the 4th Annual Tech Gives Back event, sponsored by TUGG, an organization focused on harnessing the power of the tech ecosystem to source, fund, and grow programs that promote entrepreneurship, education and life experiences for youth.

The CloudHealth Technologies team joined more than 2,000 Boston-area visionaries, investors and community supporters who donated their time across 50 volunteer sites for a day of service. And the great thing about the event that struck me was that it underscored everyone’s commitment to community. Not only were hundreds of Boston tech employees contributing to important projects and services throughout the Boston area, they also played a role in supporting the TUGG philanthropy model, designed to help fund innovative ideas for new start-ups. I've been personally involved in entrepreneur programs and education for most of my career and have made it a priority to foster innovation, creativity and mentorship on a regular basis.

I believe the Boston tech ecosystem has a lot to offer and can make a significant impact through contributions like Tech Gives Back. We have an opportunity to help shape the future for a lot of creative young professionals and aspiring organizations who are working hard to make a difference for extremely worthwhile causes - in Boston and beyond.

I'm proud of our team and proud to be part of this community.