Cloud Computing - An Autonomic Future

by Joe Kinsella


CloudHealth - Cloud Complexity CurveCloud computing has brought us many great innovations, such as on-demand infrastructure, consumption-based pricing, API-driven compute / storage, purpose-built services, and access to global computing resources. But these powerful innovations have come at a cost: complexity. At the same time the potential for innovation and cost efficiencies has never been higher, the complexity of managing cloud infrastructure continues to outpace our ability to contain this complexity.

Automated Tasks is the latest edition to the CloudHealth platform to help customers tame cloud complexity. We are providing a library of tasks to allow organizations to define policies for handling specific business actions in the cloud, such as purchasing reserved instances, modifying existing reserved purchases, and terminating unused resources. The policies can include an internal approval workflow that involves one or more members of an organization, and security controls to ensure the actions are executed with the minimum privileges. Once defined, authorized users can execute these actions within CloudHealth directly from their web browser or mobile device, knowing the organizational policies will be automated and enforced.


Cloud Autonomics

Automated Tasks leverages cloud autonomics, which is the use of autonomic computing to enable organizations to more effectively harness the power of cloud computing through business policy automation. Instead of relying on manual processes to optimize the cost, usage, security, availability and performance of cloud infrastructure, a CIO/CTO can declare business policies that define how they want their infrastructure to be managed, and allow an autonomic system to execute these policies.

Cloud autonomics envisions a future in which businesses manage their clouds like brokerages manage equity trading: with policy-aware automation. Businesses will configure an autonomic system with governance rules, and the system will continuously monitor the business's cloud environment to make necessary changes on-demand to keep cloud environments consistent with policy.


How It Works

CloudHealth - Cloud Autonomics FlowCloudHealth Automated Tasks combine the policies, approval, and workflow into a seamless system that allows an organization to automate labor intensive and error prone actions without giving up control over authorization and security.

Automated Tasks leverages Amazon’s Identity & Access Management (IAM) service, which provides unparalleled enterprise security for the management of cloud resources. The combination of IAM resource-based privileges and autonomics allows organizations to leverage the power of business automation without giving up control over the security of their resources.





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CloudHealth - Cloud Autonomics FlowAutomated Tasks allow business executives and IT to put critical controls in place over essential actions in the cloud, and ensure these controls are enforced with the minimal friction to their organizations. Engineers and operations personnel can perform the operational and business tasks that require escalated privileges through the CloudHealth console, relying on the organization policy to be executed in the background to complete the tasks with proper authorization and security.

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