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Technology evolves so rapidly that keeping pace with the rate of change in this industry might sometimes seem like a fool’s errand. Fortunately, industry analysts can help distill macro from micro, assess the state of the market, and forecast what lies ahead. 

451 Research does exactly that in a recently published report by analyst William Fellows, entitled VMware’s multicloud management takes shape with CloudHealth buildout. This report analyzes the multicloud management industry and dives into how CloudHealth fits into VMware’s broader vision for the market through careful exploration and SWOT analysis. 

Here is the full report, which is worth a read if you want to learn about:  

  1. How CloudHealth plays a strategic role in VMware’s long-term vision for multicloud management. 
  2. The business value of CloudHealth and Secure State, especially for organizations creating a Cloud Center of Excellence. 
  3. Why CloudHealth is well placed within an industry that is evolving to support machine learning, analytics, and greater automation for enterprises undergoing a cloud transformation.

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451’s take, in a nutshell, is that cloud cost management as we know it is changing (something which we’ve blogged about ourselves). This statement is bolstered by data from their Cloud Price Index -- which revealed millions of IaaS SKUs available from major players like AWS, Microsoft, Google, IBM and Alibaba -- and the number of enterprises using or planning to use a cloud management platform, which 451 Research puts at more than 50%.

As cloud technology adoption increases, businesses must make purchasing decisions based on both current and future needs. A solution may work for you today, but will it continue to deliver value next year, and the year after? That, according to 451 Research, is why you should take more than just cost management into consideration:  

“The tools in this sector have subsequently evolved (many have been acquired) to support remediation against spend levels, automated actions (stop/start, etc.) and ongoing optimization (including instance sizing and selection). The next set of enhancements will employ machine learning, analytics and greater automation to deliver ‘what if’ modeling to enterprises. But that’s not all. This market is also maturing as vendors seek to address greater market opportunity by providing expanded management, including end-to-end governance and automation across operations. In cloud transformations, it is the ongoing optimization of deployments, which is where the long tail opportunity lies. The more effective a company is in supporting the entire transformation journey, the more right it will have to play in the ongoing management and optimization. This is where CloudHealth is being positioned.”

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