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Top Cloud Computing News: May 2018


This month was dominated by the release of two major analyst evaluations on cloud computing, one from Forrester and another from Gartner. Microsoft also made noise at Kubecon, with claims of 10x adoption increases of Kubernetes on Azure and partnering with RedHat to bring OpenShift to Azure. Lastly, the world of the month is “Trust” as Microsoft and Amazon fight to be the most trusted public cloud provider. Read on!

top cloud news may

Pizza Toppings: What Makes a Good Customer Enhancement Request


What’s the weirdest pizza topping you can think of? Corn? Pineapple? How about cold tuna? People all over the world have different tastes in their toppings. Most Americans prefer to stick with various types of meats and vegetables (and even the dreaded Hawaiian), but if you look across the rest of the world, you’ll start to notice some trends—specifically fish.

Customer Enhancement