Why Governance In The Cloud Is So Important
Operating in the cloud can provide multiple benefits to businesses who take advantage of the opportunities. However, operating in the cloud also comes with greater risks than operating an on-premises IT infrastructure. For this reason effective governance in the cloud is of the utmost importance....
When the weather gets hot, the news in the cloud industry typically cools down. But thank goodness for Google NEXT, which brought a good amount of excitement and news to our lives last month. Read on for the highlights from all the Google buzz in July, plus an update on Amazon’s march to a trillion...
Kaskade CHT
Kaskade, our fully certified CloudHealth partner in South Africa, ensures our customers receive the most up-to-date advice and guidance on controlling their pubic cloud environments. They also make sure our customers get the best possible cost savings, optimisation, and services from their cloud...
5 Reasons Why You Should Explore Google Cloud Pricing
Google Cloud is often considered to be the least expensive of the major cloud services providers. That's not necessarily true in all circumstances, but there are several reasons why you should explore Google Cloud pricing and compare it against what you are paying your current cloud service...
HUIT Recap Blog
Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with Matthew Zeller, Assistant Director of Business Operations at Harvard University IT, for the webinar Optimizing Costs In The Cloud. We discussed how they have optimized their spend in the cloud and ended up drastically reducing their cloud costs. If...
Lower Your Cloud Bill And Achieve Better Governance
Taking your cloud strategy to the next level requires dedicated efforts and clear planning...which can start with you attending this webinar. We’ll be covering the best ways to take your current cloud strategy to the next level through automation and analytics. Tune in on Thursday, August 16th at...
Smartronix x CHT
We're pleased to announce that Smartronix is one of our newest CloudHealth Technologies business partners. Smartronix is a global leader in delivering and managing secure cloud services and has strong public sector expertise. As a next-generation Managed Service Provider (MSP), Smartronix is an AWS...
cloudhealth connect
Let’s face it. You’ve been meaning to learn more ways that you can manage your cloud infrastructure more effectively. You know that there are best practices that you could leverage for more effective reporting and analysis, to best ensure that you are aligned with your overall business strategy.
Azure SQL Database
One of the most effective ways to reduce your cloud spend is by rightsizing your infrastructure. Rightsizing is the process of analyzing the utilization and performance metrics of your infrastructure, determining whether it is running efficiently, and then modifying the infrastructure as needed....
Amazon CRIEx
As most consumers of Amazon Web Services (AWS) know, if you’re looking for a quick way to reduce your cloud spend, buying Reserved Instances is a tried and true approach. By making an upfront commitment of at least a year to AWS on the types of assets you plan to use, Amazon offers up to 75%...