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Leading Organizations Rely on CloudHealth to Succeed in the Cloud

We work with thousands of users around the globe to optimize resources and maximize the return on their cloud investments. CloudHealth puts the business back in the cloud.


“It’s critical that you get asset tagging under control."
DraftKings saves $95,000 every month with RI modifications in CloudHealth.
With CloudHealth, we rightsize more than 400 EC2 instances every month.
CloudHealth helped News UK discover 1,000 unattached EBS volumes and achieve 40% cost savings by purchasing Reserved Instances.
"CloudHealth has given us visibility, optimization and governance across our entire cloud infrastructure that was previously unattainable."
"There’s 10,000 different levers that control your costs. It comes down to how you prioritize."
"With CloudHealth, I can look at assets however I want, and not just rely on tags."
"Making sense of the millions of rows of data tied to our cloud assets presented a complex challenge."
"CloudHealth gives us the insight we need to be successful."
"CloudHealth’s policy-driven approach to cloud management, coupled with its automation capabilities, enables us to offer stronger levels of service for our customers."
"CloudHealth is a superior cloud management solution—from both a product and support perspective."
“CloudHealth takes information collected from Datadog and connects the metrics to the money.”
We saw immediate value in the platform. Even better: it paid for itself within the first month
"As we have scaled up it’s a lot trickier... We use CloudHealth to visualize exactly what’s going on."
"We’ve set up automated workflows to delete unused EBS volumes. That alone saves us hundreds a month."
"The cloud helps us pick up speed. CloudHealth helps us effectively manage the cost associated with that speed."


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Learn how CloudHealth supports customers as they embark on their cloud transformation journey.


From Our Blog

May 24, 2017
Backed by consulting expertise from G2 Tech Group, CloudHealth provides Peregrine Energy Group a better understanding of what drives their cloud computing costs and where the company can make changes to save money and optimize the performance of their infrastructure.
May 19, 2017
Our friends at G2 Tech Group were the hosts of last weeks Boston AWS Meetup and pulled together an awesome selection of presentations focused on saving money. It was great to be part of the lineup and present on a hot current topic: the new AWS Regional RIs.  
May 17, 2017
RIs are excellent in many ways -- they provide opportunity for significant discount on your compute costs, IF you understand how to manage them. Now, AWS announced Size Flexible Reserved Instances...AKA Size Flex RIs.


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